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If you are facing criminal charges in Hartsville and are not prepared, there can be devastating consequences. A criminal conviction may result in being jailed as well as substantial fines and court costs. Further, depending on the conviction, other penalties may include the loss of your right to own or possess firearms, loss of your right to vote, loss of your drivers license, and placement on the sex offender registry. Agreeing to an Order of Protection could force you from your family home for up to one year. A conviction for DUI, drug possession, or domestic violence could ruin your reputation and cause you severe financial hardship. Even if you are an immigrant, who is legally in this country through a visa or green card, you may face deportation for pleading guilty to certain crimes.

Without proper guidance and help from a competent attorney, navigating your way through the legal system will be difficult. Call Hartsville criminal defense attorney Philip N. Clark to get the defense you need during this very difficult time.

Satisfied Client Stories

Great advice. Was very responsive and professional. Answered all my questions and was able to handle my concerns to help my situation. Would recommend without hesitation and if you are looking for a fast and fair attorney no need to look any further.

M. Salerno

Mr. Clark is awesome I was facing an alleged dui 2nd and he originally got a plea deal down to dui 1st then before the deal took place he got it dropped entirely!!

I am so happy with the service he provided me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Everyone at PNC Law is awesome! The staff is friendly and they get down to business!


He is the best! He got my case for domestic assault dismissed,he worked with me on paying,he stayed in communication and was still there for me even while having to plan his own dad funeral, Only attorney I trust! Thank you so much Mr. Clark!!

S. Martin

Straight shooter and super helpful. PNC was able to get to my issues resolved and without delay.

W. Painter

AWESOME attorney!! He goes above and beyond for his clients! Answered all my questions and made the whole process more tolerable. With his assistance I was calm and actually able to deal with the whole ordeal. He puts things in terms that I understood. He’s available day or night and gets back in touch pretty quick. I HIGHLY recommend him and will use him again if I should ever need an attorney!


Mr. Clark went above and beyond for me. Also one of the things I was very impressed with is how easy it was to be get in touch with him. He returns text and calls very quickly. Being a veteran I was also pleased to know Mr. Clark was also a veteran and it showed in his integrity. He was very honest, and I could tell he cared about me and had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend him to take care of you and your legal needs as well.


Philip Clark exceeded my expectations for legal representation. He was readily available and even came into his office on a Saturday to meet with me. He was knowledgeable, considerate, and affordable. He went into the court room with my best interests at heart that resulted in a favorable outcome. Please consider PNC Law for all of your legal needs. You will not regret your choice. Thank you Philip!


I live out of state and hired Philip to represent me on a domestic assault case. He took care of everything before I returned to court. I walked in and out in less than 30 minutes. Philip was able to get my case dismissed after I finish a short class. I don’t even have to come back to court!! He is great!!


A friend of mine contacted PNC Law for legal advice. Philip was quick to respond and offered sound advice to help out. Because of the guidance and suggestions provided by PNC law, the situation was able to be resolved quickly and effectively. PNC law is the perfect option for anyone in the Nashville area in need of sound legal advice.


I was looking for legal advice and came across Philip’s contact information. First, Philip is the one who actually answers the phone, not some lengthy machine. He was very attentive the entire time we spoke about my situation. He gave me direct feedback and his advice actually helped me to stay out of court. He seemed genuinely interested in helping me and not just after a paycheck. While I did not go on to hire him, I do certainly recommend him. Thank you very much for the help, Philip!


We hired Philip to help with a legal matter that we needed taken care of quickly and painlessly. I can happily say that he made us feel very comfortable and was always there to answer any questions we had. He always answered calls or responded very quickly to emails/calls. We got the results we wanted and would highly recommend him. I hope we never need an attorney again, but if we do I would not think twice about hiring him. And if he could not help us I would 100% trust any recommendation he had.


My roommate and I got into an argument and he was the first to call the police. Somehow he convinced them to take me to jail, even though I was the one with bruises. Mr. Clark represented me and took the time to explain everything to me. He told me that I could not go to my house because the Order of Protection was in place. I had no idea and might have been arrested. Mr. Clark was great about answering my calls and text. When my court day came, he was very confident in the courtroom and you could see that he knew the judge and the district attorneys. He had me sit in the courtroom and then later, told me that my case was dismissed and I could leave. I was both surprised and relieved!! I highly recommend Mr. Clark for anyone who may need criminal defense. He was a great help to me!!



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