How much is bail for a DUI in TN?

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Cost of Bail for a DUI

After being arrested for A DUI, the amount of time you remain in jail will vary on how you are to be released. In some instances, a person arrested could receive a pre-trial release, post no bond and be released in just a few hours. If your bond is set at an amount too high for you to post, you could sit in jail for days.

Bond will vary depending on the individual and the circumstances regarding your arrest. Often, there will be bond conditions placed on a person and strict compliance with these conditions is essential to ensure that your freedom is not compromised.

There are three main types of bond used in criminal cases. First is the pre-trial release program. This allows a person with little to no criminal record to be released without posting a bond by agreeing to certain conditions and making all court appearances. Second, is a cash bond. A cash bond requires you give a set amount to the clerk, which is forfeited if you fail to return for your court date. Third, is a surety bond. A surety bond is where a third party agrees to pay the state if you fail to appear for court and in return, you pay the surety. These are referred to as bondsmen.

Posting bond from jail may be somewhat tricky; however, there are still options. You can have family or friends help you find a guarantor. You may also pay with cash or a credit card which is on you at your time of arrest or petition the court to set bail at an amount that may be affordable for you in your current situation.

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