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Domestic Violence Defense

Philip N. Clark, Esq.

If charged with domestic assault in Nashville, you need an experienced domestic violence attorney. Domestic violence charges should not be taken lightly and may drastically change a person’s life; now is the time seek the best representation possible. Philip N. Clark is an experienced Nashville-based attorney that will provide you with the defense you need. Give Philip a call or request a consultation right away.

Domestic Violence in Nashville

In Tennessee, there are a few defining factors that separate domestic assault (or domestic violence) from other types of assault. When we talk about domestic assault, we mean an assault against a person who falls within any of the following categories:

(1) Adults or minors who are current or former spouses

(2) Adults or minors who are living together or have lived together

(3) Adults or minors who are dating or have dated, or have or had a sexual relationship

(4) Adults or minors related by blood or adoption

(5) Adults or minors who are related or were formerly related by marriage

(6) Adult or minor children of a person in a relationship that is described in one of the foregoing five categories.

An assault involving someone that may fall within any of the above categories could be considered a domestic assault. A conviction for domestic assault can create many hardships that can change your life. Penalties for domestic assault and other charges stemming from domestic violence are viewed very seriously in Tennessee and can have mandatory jail sentences and fines. The difference between a scrape, bruise, or a broken bone could make a significant difference in how you are charged, which may impact your future. Further, do not be mislead if the alleged victim tells you that he or she is “dropping the charges.” Once a warrant is issued, the state of Tennessee (not the alleged victim) will decide whether the case will proceed forward for prosecution.

Philip N. Clark is an experienced and knowledgeable domestic violence attorney in Nashville who will put in the work to ensure you get the best defense available. Having a competent domestic violence lawyer is very important. Having the right defense could make a big difference in the outcome of your situation. Don’t put it off or overlook the severity of the charge. Call Philip today.

For more information on Tennessee’s domestic violence laws, take a look at Tenn. Code Ann. § 36-3-601 and § 39-13-111. For more information on what constitutes an assault, click here.Connect with Philip N. Clark right away! (615) 785-2000

Nashville Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

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