Gun Possession at the Airport

Gun Possession at the Airport

It is illegal to possess a firearm while going through security at the airport.  People face serious criminal charges for such conduct, even if they carry the firearm accidentally or with no intent to use the firearm in an illegal fashion.  You could face criminal charges that include a significant fine.   If you have been charged with gun possession at the airport, then you need to an experienced criminal defense lawyer to advocate on your behalf and defend your rights. Nashville-based attorney Philip Clark has handled many firearms-related cases for many individuals.  If you face such charges and are located in Nashville or in the Middle Tennessee area, then contact gun attorney Philip Clark.

Gun Possession at the Airport

State and federal laws apply to govern conduct and regulations at international airports. In Tennessee, it is a criminal offense to knowingly trespass into or unlawfully enter an aircraft, air carrier, air operations area, or security inspection area of a public airport in violation of federal security regulations.[1]  The offense can be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the specific conduct at issue. 

The agency that will get involved if you are caught with a firearm is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  On its website, the TSA declares that “travelers may only transport ammunition and unloaded firearms in a locked, hard-sided container as checked baggage” and that “[a]mmunition and firearms (loaded or unloaded) are prohibited in carry-on baggage.”[2]

The TSA further declares that “[a]ll firearms, and certain firearms parts as described in the Federal Register, must be declared at the airline ticket counter during the check-in process. Ammunition does not need to be declared, but must be securely packaged in checked baggage.”[3]  There are limited exceptions for law enforcement officials, who may be able to carry firearms in the airport.  However, these officers must satisfy federal regulations.[4]

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Needless to say, if you are charged with a criminal offense arising out of having a firearm at the airport, then you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.   Such an attorney is necessary for you to fight these charges effectively. Nashville-based attorney Philip N. Clark of PNC Law is just such an experienced attorney.  He is a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients.  Furthermore, he has nearly twenty (20) years of experience as a former Metro police officer.  He may be able to assert a variety of defenses on your behalf or at least discuss with prosecutors the possibility of a lesser offense.  If you face criminal charges involving the possession of a firearm at the airport, then contact Nashville-based attorney Philip Clark at (615) 678-1033 or e-mail him at

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