How long do you have to sit in jail for a DUI?

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Time You Will Remain In Jail For A DUI

Once arrested for driving under the influence, the time you will remain in jail initially will vary depending on many factors. Once you are booked you may have the option to post bail, or you may be released on your own recognizance. If you are released on your own recognizance this means the judge has waived your bail and you are free to leave without payment.

After you have posted bail, or the judge has waived your bail and you have been released on your own recognizance, you have a few options. If you believe you were incorrectly charged and were in fact not under the influence, you may decide to fight the charge at trial. Of course, if you take the trial route it is very important that you hire an expert attorney who will work diligently and effectively to ensure you are cleared of this charge. If you win at trial, and you are not convicted of a DUI, then you will serve no additional jail time. However, if you lose at trial, or if you plead guilty, a first-time DUI conviction in Tennessee can be between forty-eight hours to eleven months and twenty-nine days in jail. After convicted of a second DUI, the minimum amount of jail time required is forty-five days in jail and a maximum of eleven months twenty-nine days in jail.

While jail time is usually the most concerning aspect of a DUI charge, jail time is not the only punishment that may come of a DUI conviction. Along with possible jail time a DUI conviction may also lead to a loss of license, participation in drug and alcohol classes, court fees and expensive fines.

A DUI charge can bring anxiety and uncertainty. A good criminal defense lawyer can help ease some of your concerns as you attempt to navigate through the Tennessee criminal justice system. Philip Clark understands how serious getting charged with a DUI is and the potential impact it could have. Each case is unique, and Philip Clark will look into the circumstances surrounding why you were stopped and will help craft a DUI defense and answer the many questions you will likely have.

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