Can a lawyer get you out of a DUI?

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The facts of each DUI case vary from person to person. Regardless of the situation, everyone has the same rights. Depending on the facts of your case your lawyer may or may not be able to get you a complete dismissal of the charge.

If the arresting officer didn’t have the legal grounds to pull you over in the first place, if he or she didn’t follow standard procedure, or if your rights were violated in any way, a good lawyer will fight to ensure you are protected and your charges dismissed.

However, a lawyer cannot change the facts of your case and it ultimately comes down to the law. You and your lawyer can discuss the pros and cons of pleading either guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty to a first-time DUI offense you will receive a minimum of forty-eight hours in jail to a maximum eleven months and twenty-nine days, along with fines and a license revocation of a year. If you decide to take the case to trial then your lawyer will fight along-side you and hope for an acquittal.

A good lawyer can also help you navigate the process from start to finish. If you plead or are found guilty and receive a license revocation, your lawyer can help you apply for a restricted license. Once your sentence is up and the license revocation is removed, a lawyer can help you with the license reinstatement process. This is why good representation is important.

Philip Clark understands how serious getting charged with a DUI is and the potential impact it could have. Each case is unique, and Philip Clark will look into the circumstances surrounding why you were stopped and will help craft a DUI defense and answer the many questions you will likely have.

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