I have known Philip Clark for almost 30 years. He is a former Police Sergeant and a U.S. Army veteran. He is trustworthy, very qualified and a great attorney. I never imagined that I would need an attorney for any criminal matters but when I found myself in a bad spot, I called Philip. I had an ex-wife that took an order of protection out on me for no reason. She and I tried to reconcile after some years, it failed and we had some words, nothing more, and she told me not to speak to her anymore. I agreed and did just that, so I was very surprised when I was served with the order. Philip explained that an Order of Protection was civil in nature, but violations of this order were criminal. He also explained that if the Order was granted that I could not own or possess a gun for one year. Before I could even begin to worry about anything, Philip started asking questions and gathering information. He put me at ease and I just let him do his thing. The case started in General Sessions and Philip quickly informed the judge that it should not be heard in that court because we had actually been married. The case moved to Circuit court and Philip had it dismissed. It was very reassuring to have Philip on my side. I never expected to be in court over something like this but Philip told me that sometimes bad things happen to good people. He was right, I had not done anything wrong, but could have lost my guns due to someone else’s lies. I really learned from this and one thing I learned for sure is that I will never go into court without Philip on my side. He was the best!! Do yourself a favor if you find yourself in trouble, call him!! You will not regret it!! I know I didn’t.

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